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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Introducing Real Property Management’s Wealth Optimizer Service.

Managing a rental property and managing a property investment are different. Managing a property involves transactional activities such as marketing vacancies, screening tenants, collecting rent, and handling tenant activities. Managing a property investment involves these activities but adds deeper financial analysis to the process.

The Difference Between Property Management and Investment Management

Property Management

  • Marketing vacancies
  • Screening tenants
  • Lease signing
  • Rent collection
  • Handling tenant issues
  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Move-in/move-out
  • Evictions
  • Accounting

Investment Management

  • Investment management seeks to maximize short and long-term property value
  • Maximize operating income which defines your future property valuation
  • Track property value appreciation over time
  • Plan for capital investments (e.g., roofing, hot water heaters)
  • Incorporates tax impacts of depreciation, interest payments, and other deductibles
  • Minimize tenant turnover and unnecessary expenses
  • Track growth in property equity
  • Investment management brings a holistic view to managing properties to optimize your wealth

Goal Alignment Between You and Your Property Manager

Our Wealth Optimizer service generates a plan that helps you and your Real Property Management office achieve your investment objectives. By focusing on short and long-term value for your property investment, we understand your goals and can act accordingly.

We help you understand the key variables that will affect your revenue and expenses, now, and in the future. With proper planning, you can anticipate and smooth out the costs associated with vacancies and capital improvements, and keep track of your investment’s appreciation over time.

Primary Benefits

  • Better investment performance
  • Clear and understandable data and information
  • Better revenue and expense management

The Wealth Optimizer Process

  1. We start with a comprehensive analysis of your property or properties’ revenue, expenses, equity changes, tax deductions, vacancy/occupancy rate, balance sheet, and reserves.
  2. Using our proprietary Wealth Optimizer tool, we produce a complete and understandable report.
  3. We meet with you personally to review the initial analysis, and set goals for the next year, five years, and beyond.
  4. We can discuss different assumptions to evaluate the impact on your investment.
  5. On a monthly basis, we provide you a report including cash flow, rent roll, occupation/vacancy rate, balance sheet, variance report, and reserve status.
  6. During the 4th Quarter of each year, we will jointly update assumptions and you will receive a projected year-end report.
  7. At the beginning of each new year, we meet in person to review a new comprehensive analysis and proforma statement and establish goals for the coming year.

Our Wealth Optimizer Service Tracks and Evaluates Financial Factors Important to Investors

Not only do we analyze all the factors that influence your property’s financial situation, we compile the information into useful reports for you. This allows us to understand revenue and expense variances so action can be taken to improve performance.

  • By incorporating predictions about future expenses such as roof or HVAC replacement based on age and standard life spans, we can budget accordingly and eliminate surprises.
  • You can opt-in to our flat leasing fee plan which eliminates the large fees that are typically incurred when a vacancy occurs.
  • We can model the impact of different assumptions to understand critical variables affecting performance

Our Wealth Optimizer calculator incorporates the following factors into our analysis. Some of the information is provided by your Real Property Management consultant, while other information must be provided by you.

Rent Revenue

  • Monthly Rent Revenue
  • Vacancy Rate
  • Annual Increase in Rent
  • Other

Operating Expenses

  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • HOA Fees
  • Maintenance (based on age of house and condition of appliances, flooring, roofing, etc.)
  • Property Management Fees
  • Interest Expenses

Taxes and Depreciation

  • Effective Tax Rate (including Fed, State & Local)
  • Land % Allocation for Depreciation Amount
  • Depreciation Term

Deferred Maintenance Costs

Investment Capital

  • Total Purchase Cost
  • Mortgaged Amount
  • Cash Required to Purchase Property

You receive a full view of the financials related to your property, from cash flow analysis to tax benefits to return on equity.

Executive Summary

Overview of the investment performance of your property

Property Cash Flow Analysis

Review of key revenue and expenses attributed to your property

Property Metrics & Ratio Analysis

Snapshot of key operational and financial metrics

Property Sale Price Estimate

Estimates based on both operating income and gross rent multiplier methods

Loan Summary

Multi-year view of projected principal, interest payments, and yearly ending balance

Loan Amortization Schedule

Detailed report of current year mortgage payments and principal growth

Choose Real Property Management for Investment Management

We understand property management and property investments. With over thirty years’ experience in property management and more than 300 offices in the United States and Canada, we have become the largest property management franchise in North America.

Our corporate Franchise Support provides oversight to local performance, compliance with high standards, on-going training, and access to proprietary systems and processes to deliver professional service. Local Real Property Management offices are knowledgeable of neighborhood and city real estate market conditions, practices, and regulations. Together, we provide clients the best property investment management services available. That’s why we are The Nation’s Local Property Manager.

Every office participates in extensive on-going property management training, uses sophisticated processes and data management, and provides competitive pricing to our customers.

Join The Trusted Leader in Property Management

Contact your local Real Property Management office to learn more.

Wealth Optimizer is best for discerning property investors

This advanced level or service is for investors who want to build long term value from their property, and especially those who have or plan to have multiple investment properties. It is ideal for investors who seek to treat their property as an investment for the future, and not simply a short-term cash generator. This service level is for those who want to plan for capital expenditures and tenant vacancies, and not be surprised by them as they occur. It is for those who want a complete financial picture of their property investment.

Be one of the select real estate investors who truly understands your investment’s performance, and can explain your success to others.